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2012 ? Yet another fully tricked-out Mako 284, this boat has already seen action throughout the Bahamas and the Florida Keys, and was even transported to Venice, Louisiana, where Poveromo met up with it for two TV shoots. Poveromo calls his current 284 the ?Hottest one he?s had to date, in terms of set-up and quality fish catches?. And with blue marlin, swordfish, sailfish, yellowfin tuna and numerous other species already to its credit, one can?t disagree. Keep an eye on this MARC VI this coming season!

Poveromo's 2012 Mako 284 . The boat was a terror on fish wherever it traveled to.

Poveromo and Nick Stanczyk with Poveromo's 256-lb daytime swordfish. Three swords were caught while shooting a show off Islamorada, FL Keys in September, 2012.

Poveromo and Carl Grassi with Carl's 380-lb daytime swordfish off Islamorada, FL Keys, September 2012.

Poveromo with a Key Largo, FL Keys, Wahoo.

Big kingfish, off Bimini, Bahamas.

Bimini sampler - yellowtails, kingfish and dolphin.

Big mutton, off the Marquesas.

Plenty of dolphin hitched a ride on the MARC VI.

Keith Brack with a big Bimini dolphin.

One of two blue marlin caught and released off Bimini by Keith Brack in two days of fishing.

175-lb swordfish released off Islamorada, FL Keys.