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As many of you know, or have suspected from watching my television series, the Bahamas are my favorite waters to fish.  Perhaps that’s because every crossing is an exciting adventure, regardless if I’m running 50 miles from Miami to Bimini, or 190 miles from Palm Beach to the Abacos. Every trip is unique in terms of the marine life we may experience during these crossings, and, of course, the seas encountered; When it’s flat calm, there’s no prettier ocean in the world.  When it’s rough, well, we just call those crossings “character builders”.

And let’s not forget what inspires us to make these runs: SENSATIONAL FISHING!  From yellowtailing on the reefs to trolling baits and lures for blue marlin - and everything in between - the Bahamas are in a class unto themselves. 

My first trip to the Islands was aboard our family’s boat in 1979; After staying in Bimini and thoroughly enjoying it, we’ve been coming back to the Bahamas numerous times each year since.  Over these years, I have fished at nearly every major Bahamas destination, and caught some of my most impressive fish from these waters.


This section of my website is dedicated to the wonderful fishing opportunities which exist throughout the Islands of the Bahamas.  I hope you enjoy the information.  I’ll see you over there!

George Poveromo