MARC VI History
  • 1977
    The MARC V was a 1977 model year Mako 23-foot center console that saw a lot of action between North Miami Beach's Haulover Inlet and Key Largo in the upper Florida Keys.
    The MARC V was a 1977 model year.
    Pair of large dolphin caught off Key Largo, 6/78
    Biscayne Bay Seatrout, December 1978
  • 1979
    The original 1979 MARC VI at the Conch Cove Marina in Jupiter, Florida. The boat was a 25-foot Mako CC..
    The MARC VI gang with a huge dolphin taken off Key West in 1981.
    George Poveromo displays a sailfish prior to releasing it off Jupiter, Fl. in 1980.
    George Poveromo (left) with an 82 lb. sailfish caught on 20-pound-class spinning tackle off Palm Beach in 1980. The fish was mounted.
    A pair of large dolphin taken off Ft. Lauderdale in 1980.
  • 1984
    The 1984 model year MARC VI off Key West. The boat was a newly re-designed Mako 25-foot center console.
    A Blue Marlin is led alongside the MARC VI off Chub Cay, Bahamas. The fish was released.
    The MARC VI gang off Key West in 1984 with one of three yellowfin tunas weighing 110, 112, and 115 pounds.
    George Poveromo with a Blue Marlin caught off Chub Cay, Bahamas, in 1984. This fish was mounted.
  • 1986
    The 1986 model year MARC VI on the troll off Palm Beach. The boat was a Mako 25-foot center console.
    Sailfish release off Palm Beach.
    George Poveromo, Mark Bradfield and Ron Crowder in Palm Beach after releasing 8 sailfish in one day.
    Big Dolphin caught off Miami.
  • 1988
    The 1988 model year MARC VI trolling off Walker's Cay, Bahamas. The boat was a 26-foot center console, a brand new model for Mako Marine.
    George Poveromo and Joe Skorupa of Popular Mechanics magazine with a 68 pound grouper they caught off Walkers Cay, Bahamas.
    Dolphin action off the Bahamas.
    Jan Fogt and Joe Skroupa with a 68-pound black grouper caught off Walker?s Cay
  • 1993
    George Poveromo and his tricked-out 1993 Mako 261 center console.
    Bull dolphin caught off Key Largo in June, 1995.
    Poveromo releasing a sailfish off Palm Beach 12/94
    Poveromo with a Bahamas dolphin taken on 12-pound test spin tackle
  • 1996
    The 1996 model year MARC VI was a 28 foot, closed transom center console, a brand new design for Mako.
    George Poveromo, his daughter Lindsay and Bobby Brack with a 34 pound bull dolphin caught off Marathon (Florida Keys) 5/97.
    Lindsay Poveromo and Bobby Brack with a 34 lb. dolphin caught on 12-pound-class spinning tackle.
    Mutton snapper time in Bimini
    Dolphin fishing in the Keys!
    Huge black grouper caught off Bimini, Bahamas
    Lou Volpe with one of several mutton snapper taken aboard the MARC VI. The action took place off Bimini around the May full moon in 1997.
  • 1999
    The 1999 model year MARC VI was a newly redesigned Mako 282 center console.
    The MARC VI at the Boat Harbour Resort in the Abacos (Bahamas) in April, 1999. This was part of a 450-mile round-trip expedition that was featured in Salt Water Sportsman magazine.
    A big dolphin caught on 12-pound-class spinning tackle.
    Grouper action off Bimini.
    Bobby Brack caught this huge bull dolphin off Boat Harbour.
    Mutton snapper caught off Bimini in July, 99.
  • 2001
    The 2001 MARC VI, powered by a pair of Mercury 225 horsepower EFI outboards, saw extensive use off South Florida and throughout the Bahamas. The boat was also shipped to New England for one month, where George met up with it to shoot shows off Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
    Chub Cay Dolphin
    Dog Snapper Off Bimini
    Miami Sailfish
    Rhode Island Striped Bass
    Bimini Yellowfin Tuna
    Bahamas Grouper
    Bahamas Dolphin
  • 2002
    The 2002 MARC VI was another customized boat geared for live-baiting and trolling off South Florida and the Bahamas.
    George Poveromo and Allen Winchel with one of several yellowfin tuna they caught off Freeport, Bahamas.
    Lou Volpe shows off a fine Bahamas mutton snapper.
    This cobia was captured on a Bimini backcountry wreck.
    Big dolphin were the norm when the MARC VI returned to Boat Harbor in the Bahamas.
    George Poveromo with a huge Bimini cero mackerel.
    Another black grouper for the MARC VI off Bimini.
  • 2003
    The 2003 Marc VI was another fully tricked out Mako 282 that was later switched over to Mercury 4-Stroke Verado power. The boat saw a lot of action in the Bahamas and was transported up north for shoots in Cape May, New Jersey, Norwalk, Connecticut, and Westport, Massachusetts.
    One of many big kings taken by the MARC VI in the Bahamas.
    George Poveromo and Harry Vernon III and a big dolphin that ate a Yo-Zuri Bonita plug off Chub Cay.
    Big dolphin was the norm when the MARC VI returned to Chub Cay in 2004.
    Poveromo and the MARC VI went north to Massachusetts to chase bluefin tuna behind the draggers.
    George Poveromo and Rick Mola diamond jig for bluefish in Western Long Island Sound off Norwalk, Ct. Norwalk was a stop on the TV series' northern leg in 2003 for Poveromo and the MARC VI, the other stop being Cape May, New Jersey.
    Rick Mola displays one of the many big bluefish caught aboard the MARC VI.
    George Poveromo and Captain Rick Featherstone prepare to release a huge Goliath grouper. Poveromo and Featherstone joined up to shoot a Goliath grouper episode off Ft. Myers, Florida.
    George Poveromo and Rick Mola look for bluefish off Norwalk, Connecticut.
  • 2005
    2005 MARC VI - This was the new 284 model for Mako, and Poveromo had hull number one! According to Poveromo, the 284 is the best-riding Mako. The model is 28-feet, four-inches, in length and sports a 9´10 beam.
    George Poveromo took the MARC VI to Brunswick, Georgia, where he and Donna Gowen did a super job on big king mackerel!
    Islamorada was just one stop for George and his MARC VI, where he shot a running and gunning for dolphin episode.
    Plenty of big dolphin were taken aboard the MARC V
  • 2006
    2006 MARC VI - This was the second 284 for Poveromo, which saw extensive use in the Bahamas.
    George Poveromo and long-time friend Captain Mark Schmidt tore up the big blackfins on lures and light tackle. The action took place behind a shrimp boat 57 miles deep into the Gulf of Mexico. Poveromo trailered his MARC VI to Key West, which was a regular stop for him years ago!
    George and his MARC VI were back at Chub Cay. This time he and Raymond Douglas battled big snapper and grouper.
    The MARC VI went down to Islamorada, where George and Brian Cone live-chummed with pilchards to bring up plump blackfin tuna.
  • 2008
    2008 - The most tricked-out MARC VI to date. Poveromo scored big with this boat off South Florida and deep into the Bahamas.
    The MARC VI heading offshore!
    Another sailfish on the MARC VI
    Blue marlin taken in the Bahamas!
    In the Bahamas, the MARC VI always took time to catch big yellowtails!
    Kevin Tierney (L) and Carl Grassi with a Bimini kingfish!
    Poveromo and his MARC VI traveled to Norwalk, Connecticut, to fish the fabled fall bluefish run in Western Long Island Sound with friend Rick Mola!
    Bimini cobia!
    Cameraman Kevin Tierney with one of five wahoo caught off Miami
    Megan Poveromo scored her first dolphin ever off Islamorada with her dad!
    Plenty of impressive dolphin were the norm on the MARC VI, such as these caught off Bimini.
    George used his Shallow-Water MARC to put daughter Megan onto her first snook, which was caught in north Biscayne Bay!
    Bobby and Keith Brack with a 30-pound Bimini kingfish
    George and friend Carl Grassi scored this 40-pound dolphin off Pompano Beach
    The MARC VI made its way to the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where George took members of our military fishing.
    This 50 pound kingfish was taken off Bimini
  • 2011
    The most tricked-out MARC VI to date was put into service April, 2011. The boat is a newly-redesigned Mako 284, powered by twin Mercury Verado 300hp outboards
    The MARC VI was shipped to Cape May, New Jersey, where Poveromo fished it during a fluke show.
    This big Dusky shark was caught and released off Bimini, during a Penn Outdoor Writers trip in June.
    The MARC VI visited Sarasota, Florida, to jig up snapper, amberjack and Almaco jack.
    Sailfish off Bimini
    Terry Flora with a Bimini grouper
    "Sharked" grouper, in the Abacos!
    Andrea Pallavicini with a Marquesas Islands mutton snapper
    Bimini dolphin, with Keith Brack and Terry Flora
    George Poveromo and Carl Grassi - dolphin and tuna in the Abacos.
    Bimini - yellowtail, mutton, black grouper
    Islamorada blackfin tuna.
    This big Dusky shark was caught and released off Bimini, during a Penn Outdoor Writers trip in June.
  • 2012
    2012 Yet another fully tricked-out Mako 284, this boat has already seen action throughout the Bahamas and the Florida Keys, and was even transported to Venice, Louisiana, where Poveromo met up with it for two TV shoots. Poveromo calls his current 284 the Hottest one he´s had to date, in terms of set-up and quality fish catches. And with blue marlin, swordfish, sailfish, yellowfin tuna and numerous other species already to its credit, one can´t disagree. Keep an eye on this MARC VI this coming season!
    Poveromo's 2012 Mako 284 . The boat was a terror on fish wherever it traveled to.
    Poveromo and Nick Stanczyk with Poveromo's 256-lb daytime swordfish. Three swords were caught while shooting a show off Islamorada, FL Keys in September, 2012.
    Poveromo and Carl Grassi with Carl's 380-lb daytime swordfish off Islamorada, FL Keys, September 2012.
    Poveromo with a Key Largo, FL Keys, Wahoo.
    Big kingfish, off Bimini, Bahamas.
    Bimini sampler - yellowtails, kingfish and dolphin.
    Big mutton, off the Marquesas.
    Plenty of dolphin hitched a ride on the MARC VI.
    Keith Brack with a big Bimini dolphin.
    One of two blue marlin caught and released off Bimini by Keith Brack in two days of fishing.
    175-lb swordfish released off Islamorada, FL Keys.
    Bimini permit.
    One of numerous sailfish released aboard this MARC VI.
    Dolphin, off Palm Beach.
    Mangrove snapper taken off a Fort Myers, Florida, wreck.
    Blueline tilefish hand-cranked up from 580 feet of water, off the Lower Florida Keys.
    Sailfish release.
    The MARC VI traveled to Venice, Louisiana, where Poveromo scored this yellowfin tuna on a Williamson Jet Popper chugger.
    Blue marlin release off Green Turtle Club, Bahamas.
    Sailfish release, Pompano Beach.
  • 2014
    The most-tricked out Mako 284 to date, with Simrad Touchscreen electronics and Mercury´s Joystick Control with Skyhook Digital Anchoring. Check out the new episodes 2014 MARC VI and see this boat in action!
    Gag grouper by Carl Grassi.
    Black grouper off a Key Largo, FL Keys, wreck.
    Zach Hoffman with a Virginia Beach cobia.
    Poveromo with a Virginia Beach cobia.
    Searching for cobia off Virginia Beach.
    Cobia and kings off Pompano Beach.
    Poveromo and 43-pound cobia, Pompano Beach.
    Pompano Beach kingfish.
    Sailfish release, Miami.
    Sailfish release, Miami.
    Sailfish release, Miami.
    White marlin release off Venice, Louisiana.
    Yellowfin tuna, Venice, Louisiana.
    MARC VI, late afternoon/Venice, Louisiana.
    Searching for dolphin off Stuart.
    Poveromo and Carl Grassi with a big dolphin, Islamorada, FL Keys.
    Ariel Medero and Marathon FL Keys, dolphin.
    Tripletail off Pompano Beach.
    Big blackfin tuna, Marathon, FL Keys.
    Blackfin tuna, Marathon, FL Keys.
    Big African Pompano, Miami Beach.
    Poveromo and a 42-pound blackfin tuna, Miami Beach.
    Dave Wicker and Fort Myers snook.
    Poveromo and 36-pound blackfin tuna off Port Everglades.
  • 2017
    Poveromo´s most impressive boat to date, and a new model for Mako, the 2017 MARC VI is a Mako 334 Sportfish Edition Center Console. This triple-powered, fully-tricked out fishing machine was pressed into service in May, 2016, and Poveromo shot his 2017 season of episodes with his new ride.
    Blackfin tuna and Queen snapper; Islamorada, FL Keys
    Bobby Brack and chunky FL Keys blackfin tuna
    Cudjoe, FL Keys, Permit; Gulf wrecks
    Good catch of dolphin off Islamorada, FL Keys
    Dolphin and tripletail from Chub Cay, Bahamas
    Big dolphin; Chub Cay, Bahamas
    Dolphin; Hutchinson Island
    Big Dolphin; Islamorada, FL Keys
    Islamorada, FL Keys, blackfin tuna
    Marquesas mutton
    Marquesas mutton and yellowtail
  • 2018
    The latest MARC VI, a triple 400hp Mercury Verado-powered Mako 334, is tricked out to the hilt.
    A blue marlin released off Miami on 20lb test line, followed by a sailfish release.
    The sailfish part of the blue marlin and sailfish score on the same day off Miami.
    One of several permit caught over the wrecks west of Key West, Florida Keys.
    Debbie Hanson struggles to lift a big king mackerel she caught off Fort Myers.
    A red grouper for Debbie Hanson off Fort Myers.
    A blue marlin and a sailfish release flag signify an incredible day off Miami.
    A big Haulover dolphin for Don Puglisi.
    Big Key Largo, Florida Keys, Cubera snapper.
    A pair of monster Cubera snapper off Key Largo, Florida Keys.